Lacuna: an empty space, a gap, a missing part.

Lacuna is bringing together the stories of those who make this world a magical and better place – the dreamers, the creators, the survivors.

We think stories help us to find out who we are, to remind us we are not alone, and to reveal our shared humanity by shifting the focus away from what divides us to what we have in common.

We know in order to do so we have to honour all perspectives because they are vital to get a full picture of the world we aim to change.

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…in Listening to Understand and in speaking the Truth.

Vulnerability is not weakness but strength.

…in Caring for People, for Environment and for the Future.

…in Uniqueness and that Diversity is important for a healthy society and planet.

We want to build a World worth living in and a Society worth fighting for

…in Growth, personal growth that will grow into skills to Make a Difference.

Small Steps pave the way to Big Dreams.

…in Creativity and Courage as the most effective tools to achieve Change.

…a Different Future is possible, and finally, we believe in You.

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The missing stories

“Whatever happens around the world, it is all us”

I try to make the Asian community feel less alone and tell them they need to stay strong when they´re in a classroom with people who are judgmental, have prejudices and go to coronavirus-themed parties at the weekends. Everywhere people could have the mentality to make a coronavirus-themed party and think it would be fun. People die in Asia because of this. Why is this funny? How can you celebrate? It is a tragedy. Thousands of people get infected. Thousands of families get destroyed by this.

  • Nate

You know when someone is being honest

Nate had to undergo conversion therapy. This so-called “therapy” is a pseudo-science that is cruel in the way that it frames heterosexuality as a sickness that can be cured. The “cure” mostly focuses on prayer, but sometimes electric shocks are the means of choice. As I am writing the article, Germany is discussing to ban the therapy, as is Oklahoma and the UK. The argument is less about the therapy being anything but science but more about the damaging and lasting effects it can have, from self-harm to suicidal thoughts.

“This degree of unity is unparalleled in the modern history of Lebanon”

I’d even go as far as saying this degree of unity is unparalleled in the modern history of Lebanon. There was chanting, singing, dabke (folk dancing). Patriotic ballads filled the air. Food and coffee were available for all. Strangers greeted and came to the assistance of strangers. While the exasperations and frustrations are very much real the energy on the ground is positive and inspiring through and through. Women, in particular, have played a substantial role in this revolution, at the levels of organizing and mobilizing and sustaining that positive energy.

“They key is to combine affect and effect. ”

A lot of political art is about criticizing the world we live in today and that´s necessary but what is also necessary is to envision the world we want to inhabit. Activists have a hard time doing this and often artistic activists have a hard time doing this but we think it´s essential. Unless people can imagine the world they want to be a part of in the future they never will join with you in the present.


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