Lacuna: an empty space, a gap, a missing part.

Lacuna is bringing together the stories of those who make this world a magical and better place – the dreamers, the creators, the survivors.

We think stories help us to find out who we are, to remind us we are not alone, and to reveal our shared humanity by shifting the focus away from what divides us to what we have in common.

We know in order to do so we have to honour all perspectives because they are vital to get a full picture of the world we aim to change.

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We believe

…in Listening to Understand and in speaking the Truth.

Vulnerability is not weakness but strength.

…in Caring for People, for Environment and for the Future.

…in Uniqueness and that Diversity is important for a healthy society and planet.

We want to build a World worth living in and a Society worth fighting for

…in Growth, personal growth that will grow into skills to Make a Difference.

Small Steps pave the way to Big Dreams.

…in Creativity and Courage as the most effective tools to achieve Change.

…a Different Future is possible, and finally, we believe in You.

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The missing stories

“I hope that Jewish life will become normal in a diverse society”

The narrative of the history always portraysthe Jews as victims who have experienced anti-Semitism, who have always suffered. People talk about the period from 1933 to 1945 and then perhaps about the Israel-Palestine conflict. But very little is said about how Jewish people have shaped the German society-- how many artists and scientists were Jewish. There are a lot of Jewish women in Germany and Austria who ran their salons and had interesting personalities.

As journalists it is our responsibility to monitor the power of the government

There is a moment during the Hong Kong protests that I will never forget. Last October I was going to photograph and do interviews during the protests. Suddenly, the police advanced and shot tear gas at the protestors. So the protestors ran away but one of them stopped in the chaos and asked, “Do you need help?” I told him, “I am fine and I can take care of myself. It is very dangerous, you have to run.” The situation was becoming messier, so the protestor pushed my wheelchair and helped me to leave the death trap.

It is our responsibility as human beings to bring healing through our lives and our art

I don´t think artists necessarily need to state their purpose, but I like to think that it is our responsibility as human beings to bring healing through our lives and our art. We don´t need to be a doctor in order to heal. I hope that my music can bring healing to people. My music addresses a lot of different topics. Everything from illness to depression to suicide to love and love lost. You as an artist feel that if you have something to say, then you treat it as a deep privilege and do everything you can to put out the best work and say it.

„I don´t think there has been a more critical time in American history as far as an election goes.”

We went from Barack Obama, who was an amazing President, to Donald Trump, who always took the easy way with everything. By the time Barack Obama spent his last year in office you couldn’t walk around saying some of the things that Donald Trump says in press conferences. That kind of racism wasn´t allowed anymore. We were making progress as a country. Trump emboldened those racists. I´m not going to lie, it´s hard right now, but America will prevail in the end.


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