Lacuna: an empty space, a gap, a missing part.

Lacuna is bringing together the stories of those who make this world a better place – the dreamers, the creators, the survivors.

We think stories help us to find out who we are, to remind us we are not alone, and to reveal our shared humanity by shifting the focus away from what divides us to what we have in common.

We know in order to do so we have to honour all perspectives because they are vital to get a full picture of the world we aim to change.

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We believe

…in Listening to Understand and in speaking the Truth.

Vulnerability is not weakness but strength.

…in Caring for People and for Environment.

…that Diversity is important for a healthy society and planet.

We want to build a World worth living in and a Society worth fighting for

Small Steps pave the way to Big Dreams.

…in Creativity and Courage as the most effective tools to achieve Change.

…in the possibility of a Different Future, and finally, we believe in You.

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The missing stories

“Humans‘ superpower among the primates is our ability to collaborate”

There is a lot of new science that shows that collaboration is at the root of all life on earth, much more than competition. Sea plants, for example, could never have lived on land without collaborating with fungi. The eukaryotic cells that compose all complex life are the product of a weird collaboration between two different kinds of cells. It´s so fundamental. And humans' superpower among the primates is our ability to collaborate. Capitalism harnesses our urge to kill and dominate one another. If we can learn to harness our basic urge to collaborate instead, we'll be fine.

I want to work with people who are connected to the future and can help to create a paradigm shift

The change I am hoping for is that we can create new structures, new systems that support people’s well-being and development so that we don´t live in a world anymore that is based on using and abusing humans, animals, and the earth. The abusive pattern is coming from deep suffering. I´m not saying there are good or wrong people, because we all are both the victim and the abuser. There are so many ways we are feeding those things. We need to acknowledge and accept both aspects in ourselves so that we can stop judging, blaming, shaming, and rejecting others for its people and resolve the polarisation.

„The whole world has to come together to solve this climate change catastrophe,“

The whole world has to come together to solve this climate change catastrophe, however, developed countries must take the lead as agreed in the Paris Agreement. I believe we have to address the problem – we have now, that is coming and that we foresee. Our inaction may lead to reach to a disastrous situation. The Covid19 Pandemic is a sign that alerting us to act urgently on such an issue. Remember, Nature can take its revenge on us if it thinks it is overly drained. We have to be very conscious.

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