About Esther Vivian Kay

Esther Vivian Kay is a journalist and the publisher of Lacuna

“The links between welfare and democracy are a matter of political will”

Politicians and policymakers are fond of suggesting that the present day welfare crisis might be “solved” by placing more responsibility on the shoulders of private actors, notably voluntary associations and families. Such claims are based on the widely shared but mistaken idea that state welfare has diminished the role of social action, as well as families’ self-reliance, and that therefore both must be reinvigorated.

I was humbled

I am confident that this all happened for a reason, that I am going to impact so many people´s lives in a positive way by providing them with hope and inspiration. I am going to touch so many lives that I wouldn´t have touched before.

Editorial Note: Sexualized violence and abuse

Everyone has the right to security of person. No one shall be held in slavery. No one shall be subjected to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. In this article you can find more information about sexualized violence, facts and numbers.