As journalists it is our responsibility to monitor the power of the government

There is a moment during the Hong Kong protests that I will never forget. Last October I was going to photograph and do interviews during the protests. Suddenly, the police advanced and shot tear gas at the protestors. So the protestors ran away but one of them stopped in the chaos and asked, “Do you need help?” I told him, “I am fine and I can take care of myself. It is very dangerous, you have to run.” The situation was becoming messier, so the protestor pushed my wheelchair and helped me to leave the death trap.

It is our responsibility as human beings to bring healing through our lives and our art

I don´t think artists necessarily need to state their purpose, but I like to think that it is our responsibility as human beings to bring healing through our lives and our art. We don´t need to be a doctor in order to heal. I hope that my music can bring healing to people. My music addresses a lot of different topics. Everything from illness to depression to suicide to love and love lost. You as an artist feel that if you have something to say, then you treat it as a deep privilege and do everything you can to put out the best work and say it.

You know when someone is being honest

It´s interesting because I talk very openly about the fact that forgiveness has nothing to do with healing trauma. Forgiving someone does nothing to the trauma that is inside of your brain. I think there is a misconception, especially in the Christian community, that says, as a Christian you have to do this and that. Those things have nothing to do with becoming a healthier person. I believe forgiveness is a beautiful, powerful thing, but I think it is a very individual and a very private, sacred thing. I don´t think it´s a tool that helps you relieve trauma inside your brain. It´s not trauma work.

I learned to be free

Honestly, I´m still always stressed out before I start drawing. I don’t like the feeling of coming to a place with a drawing in my head but an empty ground before me. It is the worst feeling. But once I start, I really enjoy it.

I was humbled

I am confident that this all happened for a reason, that I am going to impact so many people´s lives in a positive way by providing them with hope and inspiration. I am going to touch so many lives that I wouldn´t have touched before.