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Editorial Note: Europe & European Union

There have always been interchanges, one country drawing inspiration from another, one culture influencing others. Architecture, art, music, royal dynasties, the Middle Ages, the Age of Enlightenment, two World Wars, democracy, peace, equality, and social welfare. Great ideas were born in Europe. Big catastrophes took place. If you try to write about Europe you can never write about all that is important. Therefore, this issue can only crack the surface.

“The links between welfare and democracy are a matter of political will”

Politicians and policymakers are fond of suggesting that the present day welfare crisis might be “solved” by placing more responsibility on the shoulders of private actors, notably voluntary associations and families. Such claims are based on the widely shared but mistaken idea that state welfare has diminished the role of social action, as well as families’ self-reliance, and that therefore both must be reinvigorated.

„For Ireland, our heart and soul is in Europe, and we are staying.“

Ireland is obviously and proudly very Irish place. But it is also a very European place. That sense of Ireland wanting to be a part of the European family is very strong. You could see that again in the recent European elections. There is very steady and strong support for Europe, and it has become even stronger.

“Until we can acknowledge that there is hurt and blame on all sides, we can ever really move on.”

Until we can resolve and learn how to deal with the different narratives and acknowledge that different people and different groups had different experiences and there is hurt and blame on all sides; until we can do that I don’t know if we can ever really move on.

„My ideal Europe is one in which we care about each other even though we are from different countries“

We have come so accustomed to living together that we don´t think anymore in a national identity but a European identity. If we reach this state of caring about each other even though we are from different countries, this would be my ideal Europe.

A society that lives on exploiting and suppressing people logically creates other forms of violence and dominance as well

Interview with Thomas Schlingmann, founder of Tauwetter. Tauwetter is an organization for men, who experienced sexualized violence during their childhoods. The story of the non-profit organization is also a personal one.


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