We Get Through This Together: Be Amazing! 

Get a We Get Through This Together wristband and donate for a great cause!

Show global solidarity and donate to a great cause!

Final Date for Donations: May 30.

Get 2 of these limited „We Get Through This Together“ wristbands!

For Germany, we can send the wristbands via standard mail.

For other countries: We have to ship via parcel.

We are very sorry to inform you that because of the current situation, we can´t ship to the USA and some other regions. Please contact us first. 

If you are currently unemployed and unable to pay for the shipping but absolutely want those wristbands, write an e-mail and tell us whom you would give the second one. We give away a few of the wristbands for free!

Please send the donations via Paypal (as friends): hello@lacunamagazine.com
Include your full name and address.

We will ship the wristbands – 1 for your and 1 for someone you care for – as soon as it is possible. There might be some delay due to the pandemic.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Find out more about the non-profit we support: Solidarity Fund 

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