COVID19: We Get Through This Together 

A project by writers, coaches and speakers: Messages of resilience, courage, and positivity.

The world has changed. Our lives have changed and we stumble to make it through these times of uncertainty. We face unemployment, fear our loved ones might fall sick, we are worried, even anxious, and feel alone and isolated. The virus doesn´t discriminate. No matter your gender, which culture and nation we belong to, which religion we believe in – we are in this together. We are human, and humanity as always been proven to be resilient. This is why, we will make it through this crisis as we have made it through those before, and as we, hopefully, will make it through whatever the future has in store for us. But nobody can make it through alone – together we can heal and thrive.

In response to the uncertainties of the pandemic, Lacuna initiated the We Get Through This Together Project. We invited writers and poets, speakers, and coaches to send you messages full of positivity, resilience, and warmth.

Coaches & Speakers

Sometimes everything around us seems hopeless and we don’t want to burden our friends with our gloomy mood. Having someone who is your cheerleader, someone who points out all the positive and beautiful things which are still all around us, is the best cure against feeling isolated and anxious.

Our coaches & speakers will encourage you, make you smile, shift your perspective, and will give you tips to work on your happiness and resistance during these trying times.

Videos by: Julia McCoy // Vivia Leigh // Jason Gaudette // Kathryn Rosenberg // Anna Yardley // Carmen Alas // Shiv Kumar


Everyone who loves to read and write knows the positive effects of both. Reading lowers the heart rate, it takes us away for a while, and it eases tensions and rewires our brain to react less anxious and more compassionate toward ourselves and others. Hearing people read out loud, having people read to us, reminds us of our childhood and can help us cope with the negative feelings during (self) isolation.

The writers who are a part of the project will read works by authors they admire, or they will read poetry they have written and books they have published – most excitingly, you will hear parts from upcoming books!

Videos by: Favel Parrett – The Dog // Michelle Rose Diehl – A Crossroad Through Darkness // Marilyn Barr – Bear With Me // Megan Davies – Poem for her Mother // Reshma Joseph – I Wanted to get Lost in the Woods

Be Amazing!

We hope you feel happy, relaxed, and inspired after watching the videos!

When I, Esther Vivian, first began working on the magazine, I focused on strong values and the social responsibility we as leaders have. For me, it´s not enough to know you sit at home and watch the videos – no matter how amazing and important they are – because I know together we can do so much more!

Most of us have a safe home, enough to eat, clean water, and access to healthcare. But not everyone who is facing the threat of the virus is that fortunate. To strengthen the feeling of being together and making it through together we want to give you something physical, something you can carry with you at all times as a reminder that you are not alone!

You can get two of these We Get Through This Together wristbands – one for you and one for someone you like to remind that you are always there for them – for the cost of shipping. But we hope that you give whatever you can to add to our effort to support a social cause we picked.

We choose „Thousand Currents“ because we believe the project is not only of great importance but we trust them that the money arrives where it is needed the most. „Thousand Currents“ is working with grassroots partners who are first responders in their communities. They know best what is needed during the pandemic in marginalized and vulnerable communities in the Global South. Without global solidarity, those communities will not heal and never recover from the economic impact that will follow the pandemic. „Thousand Currents“ launched an emergency fund to respond to the immediate needs of their grassroots partners.

Lacuna will donate to their cause and we hope you will help us to raise a sum that can make a change!

Thousand Currents Website: Solidarity Fund 

Information on how to donate: Global Solidarity 

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