Europe & European Union

44 different countries make Europe, of which are 28 a part of the European Union. Europe was shaped by its shared history, by big events that triggered changes that rippled through most if not all of its countries. There have always been interchanges, one country drawing inspiration from another, one culture influencing others. Architecture, art, music, royal dynasties, the Middle Ages, the Age of Enlightenment, two World Wars, democracy, peace, equality, and social welfare. Great ideas were born in Europe. Big catastrophes took place. If you try to write about Europe you can never write about all that is important. Therefore, this issue can only crack the surface.

We began the research without a clear focus, inspired by the European election we looked into the current situation first: Democracy, Brexit, refugees – issues Europe has to deal with, issues that might reshape the Union. Though we know the outcome of the election by now, the questions we asked are timeless: Where will Europe go, and how did we get here, into a state of crisis? These questions are not only important for Europeans but they reach far across the borders since every country is facing the ongoing struggle between the status quo and necessary changes.

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