„Writers/Authors: We Get Through This Together“ 

Megan Davies reads one of her works


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Megan Davies is a writer and poet who is currently working on her first novel.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the world around me. It could be how I am feeling at a certain moment, a story I have heard or read, a one-line sentence that resonates with me….inspiration for poetry sort of ebbs and flows too – it isn´t like writing a book where I know the story and can work away at it one page at a time; sometimes I will write five poems in one afternoon and then nothing for months.

How do you cope with the quarantine?

I have found reading and writing tonne instrumental in drowning out external noise during this crisis. Now I am actually finding quarantine to be quite a peaceful time. The forced isolation has helped me refocus on the things most important to me: my writing, reading all the books that I never got around to, long lazy walks with my fiance and dog and quality time cooking, and chatting over all things past, present and future. It is an active choice what we let intrude into our lives, let in the good and drive out the negative.

What´s next for you? 

I am currently working on my debut novel „Rise of the Sorceress“. It is a fantasy novel set in a land where only highborn men have the ability to wield and practice magic. The book follows Tamwen, the first woman in recent history who has the power to go up against them. It is still a work in progress but follow my page for more spoilers and snippets as well as follow my writing journey.

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