„Writers/Authors: We Get Through This Together“ 

Michelle Rose Diehl reads from her upcoming novel „A Crossroad Into Darkness“


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Michelle Rose Diehl spent twenty years in the movie theater industry, she and her twin sister having worked up from their “temporary” summer jobs to building management. From childhood, Michelle’s ambition has been to write stories and become an author. When the movie theater closed, she took it as a sign that this was the time to seriously pursue her literary aspirations. She and her artist twin sister live together, making their dreams a reality – both literally and figuratively. Michelle’s first novel, a fantasy titled “A Crossroad Into Darkness” will be released this year.

What inspires you?

As a writer, I draw inspiration from all different sources, but what really fascinates me and sets my mind awhirl is the vast range of human perspectives. I love stepping into another person’s skin, walking around their world, and looking through their eyes. It’s the reason I love stories to begin with, whether they’re in the form of books, film, or an anecdote told by some random old man.

How do you cope with the quarantine?

Reading and writing certainly help me cope with the coronavirus quarantine. The blessing of reading is that you can always find a topic to help you through whatever life throws at you. Bored? Grab an adventure novel. Anxious? Dive into some spiritual reading. The range of subjects available through books is as diverse as every human being who has ever lived on this planet.

What´s next for you? 

I am working on revisions for my first full-length fantasy novel, A Crossroad Through Darkness. It’s about five characters who are each lost in some way. There is a mercenary, a waif with a mysterious memory loss, two brother-in-law knights from a distant kingdom, and a thief with ties to a secret magical society. As they enter a city ruled by an evil sorceress, their paths and goals crisscross, and each must decide whether they will befriend or foe. The cover art is being done by my twin sister, Amanda Diehl, and is looking amazing. A Crossroad Through Darkness should be available for preorder by the end of April.

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