„Writers/Authors: We Get Through This Together“ 

Reshma Joseph reads one of her poems


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Reshma Joseph is an aspiring Economist. She enjoys traveling, trying different cuisines, baking listening to stories, writing, and reading.
As a poet, what inspires you?
I love how one of the renowned poets of the Romantic Age, William Wordsworth, defines poetry, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” Hence, it is the emotions and the feelings that inspire me, along with spending time in nature. I discovered my interest in writing at the age of 10 when I wrote something-like-a-poem for my mother on her birthday. Ever since then, I started writing down my emotions. The doorway to poetry writing was also shaped by the literature lessons in school. It fascinated me how great writers could write down their thoughts and emotions using words and literary devices.
Do writing and reading help you to cope with the coronavirus quarantine?
Definitely. Through reading, one gets to travel across space and time, by just sitting at one’s house. That’s the beauty of it. During quarantine, it does put a lot of mental distress and strain and hence, I feel like it just closes up my mind on various matters I could write. However, something that is really helpful right now is journaling. It is again a form of writing that just lets me bring out whatever is on my mind to a piece of paper. It is not necessary that we always get something good to write and sometimes we don’t get anything to write at all. It is completely okay. So what I do is if I feel like writing, I journal it down. If I feel it’s good enough, I go ahead and post it on my blog.
What are you working on right now?
The primary subject of my career is Economics and I work as an intern (work-from-home) in an organization. This is something that I equally adore and love like I love poetry and writing. Regarding poetry and writing, I see it more like a hobby that is close to my heart. I just want to enjoy it as it is, without having any sort of pressure.

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