The Creative Tribe

Though Lacuna is created by one person, Esther Vivian, its goal is to connect likeminded people.

The Creative Tribe is made up of individuals who believe in the same values, share ideas, offer support and feedback and work together whenever possible.

Next issue

15. September 2019

The next issue of Lacuna will be published on September 15.

Members of the Creative Tribe

Esther Vivian
Esther VivianJournalist
Esther Vivian is journalist and founder of Lacuna. She has more books than space.
Eloise is a poet and typewriter collector, as well as Lacuna´s muse and proofreader.
Sara Proofreader
Sara works in marketing. Sometimes she reads and writes things.
Christine is an aspiring writer with incurable wanderlust. Cats and books sustain her.

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